Special Selection - Frank and Jose Gomez - Geisha/Gesha

Inside this box set are two of the most lovely coffees we have ever released. We are featuring two different Geisha/Gesha varietals, with two processing methods. The Giesha/Gesha variety is vaunted for it's florality, clean taste, complexity and lack of harsh or unpleasant flavours. 

We are working with our importing partner Apex to bring you this limited edition box set of two coffees from the same farm in Narino, Colombia called Finca Los Angeles, which is owned by two brothers; Frank and Jose Gomez. This release was created as part of an effort to create awareness of anti-asian hate crimes that have become more prevalent over the past two years, and to help support local charities working to support Asian communities in Vancouver. Working in the former Japantown neighbourhood, and alongside the the dwindling Chinatown area, our hearts have been heavy witnessing the far too commonly expressed hatred and fear towards the people in the area. We have witnessed hateful graffiti, overheard offensive comments, and seen people harassing shop owners. There have been assaults, people accosted and a jump in hate crimes of over 700% in 2021, making Vancouver the capital of Asian hate crime for all of North America. 

This is not a new thing. Our City, our Province and our Country have a long history of racism towards those of Asian descent. But there are certain times, where it has been socially accepted by the majority to express those sentiments of hate outwardly, when they won't be checked or corrected by others. 

You can follow along on our social media as we talk about the history of the Japantown neighbourhood and how it impacted the development of our city, as well as the Sato family who were the owners of the business at our location until their internment. 

We will be donating $10.00 from the sale of each box, split between the Powell St Festival who support local businesses and charities, and the Nikkei Museum who educate about the Japanese internment during WW2 and the history of racism in Vancouver.



Pricing Transparency

Price of Green - $39.59/kg

Our Price after Importer Discount - $3.96/200g

Packaging Costs - $8.20

Misc. Costs (labour, waste, utilities etc) - $5.98

Mark up and Administrative Costs - $5.00

Donation Amount - $10



  * Please note that the price paid to the farmer is based off the pre-discount price, and they were not paid less in order for us to be able to donate money from each sale. Apex, our importer, and ourselves have reduced our proceed amount by ~ 50%



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Special Selection - Frank and Jose Gomez - Geisha/Gesha
Special Selection - Frank and Jose Gomez - Geisha/Gesha
Special Selection - Frank and Jose Gomez - Geisha/Gesha