We want to offer an option for those who choose not to, or can't have caffeine, but always find that decaffeinated coffee is lacking. Our solution is to offer a coffee that is 3/4 decaf and 1/4 regular coffee. This means that there is significantly less than you would normally get, but you can have a coffee that is still flavourful, full bodied and sweet. 

For our first Quartercaf release, we will be using 3 quarters of a washed decaf Colombia, and 1 quarter of a naturally processed coffee.

We are using is the Desvelado Decaf originating from Huila, Colombia which we sourced through Collaborative Coffee Solutions. This coffee is a combination of multiple day lots, consisting of Colombia, Castillo, Caturra, and Tabi varietals, that has been grown at 1450 - 1750 masl. After 24 - 30 hours of dry fermentation, the coffee under went 15 - 25 days drying on raised beds in covered marquees before being sent for EA decaffeination. 

What is EA decaffeination? Sugar cane, ethyl acetate processing. 

What we don't like about the typical decaf is its more often than not flat taste, and that smell, that decaf so often has, EA decaffeination is changing all of this. Sugar cane ethyl acetate is created by fermenting molasses to create ethanol, which is then mixed with acetic acid, thus creating ethyl acetate. To decaffeinate, the coffee goes through a condition of steam and water, ethyl acetate to dissolve caffeine, washed and steamed, then polished to clean the coffee before being dried. 

When we cupped this coffee we were excited about its notes of red fruits, bright citrus, cocoa, and roasted nuts. We new it would be a perfect component for the Quartercaf Blend.

With our Quartercaf, you should experience a medium bodied coffee that is very classic and smooth.  It reminds us of chocolate, almonds, with a subtle fruit sweetness. Perfect for a classic filter coffee, and as versatile espresso. 

A note on roast dates: 

Contrary to most coffee myths (based off old information), it's best not to use coffee that is too fresh. For espresso, we recommend using coffee between three days to four weeks old, while filter and drip coffee it's best if the beans are three weeks to twelve weeks from the date of roasting. We offer the option to select coffee that we have set aside to let rest so it's ready to go when you order it (recommended if you plan on using it for drip or filter coffee, while for espresso it's better to order the standard option). Subject to availability. 

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