Single Origin - Kochere, Ethiopia

This lot comes from SNAP exporters, they have a number of dedicated washing stations and partner stations in all the best regions, plus a head office in Addis Ababa.  SNAP has one of the premier washing stations and sorting centres in Chelelektu of the Kochere District.  Their washing station is famous for it's top grade naturals which is why we knew this was going to be a stellar coffee.

The Chelelektu washing station was built in 2010 and processes up to 950,000kg of ripe coffee cherries each year from its 363 contributing smallholders who bring their cherries for processing.  Since 2014, the washing station has improved its infrastructure. Natural coffees are dried for 21 days on 134 raised beds in the sun across the washing station’s almost 3 hectares of land at 1700 masl. The Chelelektu washing station is named for the Chelelektu kebele, or town, where it is located in the Kochere district of the Yirgacheffe coffee area of the Gedeo Zone.


Because SNAP works so closely, and directly with the farmers, it is one of the only ways in Ethiopia to source coffee and know that it is purchased at a fair price. A number of years ago, the Ethiopian government made it almost impossible to buy directly from farmers, eliminating a lot of transparency, but ensuring they maintained intellectual ownership of a valuable export. They have slowly been allowing some smaller cooperatives to sell directly to roasters and imports, but for the most part, it's companies like SNAP that are providing high quality coffee where it can be traced to the level of the town. 

When we first tried this coffee blind on our cupping table, we instantly had flashes of memories of warm summer nights at a carnival; we instantly thought of grape bubblegum, cola and vanilla wafer. Like a lot of natural processed coffees, it is full bodied and sweet, but this particular lot has a lot of balance and complexity as well. 




A note on roast dates: 

Contrary to most coffee myths (based off old information), it's best not to use coffee that is too fresh. For espresso, we recommend using coffee between three days to four weeks old, while filter and drip coffee it's best if the beans are three weeks to twelve weeks from the date of roasting.

If you would like your coffee already rested, please let us know in the comment section of your order and we will do our best to fulfill your order with rested coffee, if we have it available. Please note that based on fluctuating order amounts, we won't always have rested coffee available at the time you order, and you are welcome to reach out to us to check on our inventory levels for rested coffee before ordering.

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Single Origin  - Kochere, Ethiopia
Single Origin  - Kochere, Ethiopia