Harken Espresso

"My friend/partner/parents really like a dark roast but I want them to try your coffee, can you recommend something?"

It's a question that a lot of roasters and coffee shops get asked.

We ultimately can never replicate something that a person really likes, because they have years, if not decades of positive memories associated with particular flavours and aromas. Moments captured in time that are brought back with those familiar inputs.

But we can show you a coffee that will feel familiar and maybe hint at those past moments, while having all the complexity and nice textures that we love. We have pushed the roast profile of this coffee a bit further to accentuate pure cacao and walnut notes, with very little fruit brightness because some people are into that.

It won't leave your mouth tasting like you just smoked a pack of cigarettes, but will be a coffee that is easy to enjoy as an espresso, french press or drip coffee for those that love a more classic flavour profile.

The coffee is currently from Nicaragua and is grown on a certified organic farm called Finca Los Pinos.


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Harken Espresso
Harken Espresso