Handbrew Vol 1

Homebrew is a publication lovingly made by Kathleen Behrand from Calgary, Alberta and is a love letter to coffee made by hand. Featuring beautiful photos, information and tips about coffee brewing as well as brewing recipes from some of the best brewers in Canada and the World. 

If you love coffee, or if you are looking to elevate your coffee game and want to learn more, than this magazine is perfect for you. 

Featuring recipes from:


David Kim - David Kim Coffee

Cole Torode - Rosso Coffee Roasters / Forward Coffee

Andrew Stock - Bows x Arrows 

Benjamin Put - Monogram 

Danny Wilson - ONA Coffee, Australia

Demelza Jones - Same Cup, Australia

Eldric Stuart - Harken Coffee / Aesir Filters 

Elly Cortez - Show and Tell Coffee

Jayce Van Der Linden - Square 1

Kay Cheon - Dune Coffee,  USA

Keanu Piers - Radius Coffee

Jill Hoff - Monogram

Michelle - Ocfemia - Pilot Coffee Roasters

Paul Asquith - Josie/ Slow Brew, Australia

Ply Pasarj - Rogue Wave

Stacey Lynden - Harken Coffee

Stephen Houston - Bailies Coffee Roasters, Ireland


Handbrew Vol 1
Handbrew Vol 1