Single Origin - Eulogio Martinez, Honduras

We have always been a big fan of the Santa Barbara region, and this coffee really stood our for us. It was imported by Collaborative Coffee based out of the US, who we know strives for absolute transparency and supporting the farmers they work with.  The Santa Barbara reqion was greatly devastated by recent tropical storms and many farmers lost entire crops, their homes and even loved ones. Thankfully Eulogio was not hit by the storms, and was able to get his coffee out to us. 

Eulogio comes from a lineage of coffee producers – his grandfather and father were producers. In the 1970s, his parents lost all their coffee plants to a rust attack. Yoyo (as he is more commonly known) was obviously discouraged from coffee farming seeing what his family had gone through, but fortunately was given the opportunity to work for a nonfamily coffee farmer who was very successful and taught him that coffee can be an economically sustainable crop. Yoyo bought his farm I 1990 and from the beginning he was determined to make a better life for himself and own his family than his family had been able to accomplish through coffee farming. He loves the crop itself, he loves the taste of good quality coffee, and enjoys meeting coffee roasters and the fact that his lots are constantly entering new markets of coffee drinkers. While his biggest challenges are shortages in labour and C-market volatility, he remains resolute in continuing to develop on what he’s accomplished in his career as a coffee producer, to continue providing his family with a good life and the future generations within his family the best opportunities to make good lives for themselves through coffee. His hard work at persistence has paid off in many ways, not least of which includes his winning the top spot at Cup of Excellence 2015.


According to Eulogio: 

Biggest challenges:

• Delays in payment

• Finding adequate space for drying

• Finding labor, especially pickers during harvest Future plans:

• Improving the fermentation facilities, building another fermentation tank and two more drying beds. • Build his own home (they are currently renting)

• Creating his own water source on the finca.

What would you like roasters to know about you and your coffee?

“Costs of producing coffee are increasing every year. In the long term I hope that prices for our coffee will also increase.”


We loved how clean and bright this coffee was, without having too much acidity. It is soft and delicate while being a comforting coffee to drink. When we sip it, it makes us think of black tea, cherry cola and fig newton biscuits. 


Information on Pricing:


Total cost of producition (not including financing and interest): $3.9 CAD / kg

Price paid to farmer: $10.14 CAD/kg 


Of the produciton cost, this was the breakdown:

Fertilizer and soil maintenance: 14.2%

Labor and materials for control of pests and diseases: 2.0%

Farm maintenance: 6.0%

Labor and materials for control of weeds: 12.7%

Picking: 55.9%

Contingencies: 9.1%

As you can see, a majority of the costs went to manual labour to pick and process the coffee and ensure a high quality. Labour for famers is being scarcer as the world wide price of coffee has remained low, and many people are moving to the bigger cities. 

Our cost for the coffee: $13.65 CAD / kg plus customs, freight and fees. 


A note on roast dates: 

Contrary to most coffee myths (based off old information), it's best not to use coffee that is too fresh. For espresso, we recommend using coffee between three days to four weeks old, while filter and drip coffee it's best if the beans are three weeks to twelve weeks from the date of roasting.

If you would like your coffee already rested, please let us know in the comment section of your order and we will do our best to fulfill your order with rested coffee, if we have it available. Please note that based on fluctuating order amounts, we won't always have rested coffee available at the time you order, and you are welcome to reach out to us to check on our inventory levels for rested coffee before ordering.

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Single Origin - Eulogio Martinez, Honduras
Single Origin - Eulogio Martinez, Honduras
Single Origin - Eulogio Martinez, Honduras
Single Origin - Eulogio Martinez, Honduras