Collaborative Selection - Ashok Patre

This is a coffee we have been really excited to release to you all. We sourced it through one of our good coffee friends, Damian Durda who is the green buyer and head of quality control from Nemesis Coffee, who are just about to launch their own roastery. They had some bags to spare and we scooped them up. 

Coffee from India doesn't have the best reputation, and is actually hard to find in the specialty coffee world. But Damian is involved in working with Ashok and his team at the farm and they are doing some great work planting different varietals, monitoring their soil quality and doing some meticulous fermentation and processing. The result is some of the best quality green we have seen. 

We are releasing both a washed and natural processed coffee inside the same box (100g of each), and while they are different varietals, it's a fun experiment to see how processing can change the perceived qualities of coffee. 

These coffees are quite different from one another. With the natural process, we sense a lot of the same qualities you might find in an anaerobic fermentation, with lush body, dried fruit and a deep molasses brown sugar sweetness. The washed coffee, however, reminds us of the colour yellow. It brought up images of pears, walnuts and yellow delicious apples as we tried it. What will they make you think of? 


As with all of our Special Selection coffees, we will be donating $1.00 from the sale of each 200g box to the Portland Hotel Society that helps those in the DTES through a variety of different programs including housing, counseling, drug addiction support, safe injection sites and indigenous community support. 

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Collaborative Selection - Ashok Patre
Collaborative Selection - Ashok Patre