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Beverage Menu

Coffee of the Day Brewed in our modified batch brewer. We always aim for something more classic flavour-wise, and choose coffees that are more chocolate and nutty. It was important for us to have an affordable option that still tastes great. 8oz serving / 02.50

Espresso This is the base price for espresso, equivalent to a double shot. We can make any drink you would normally order, and simply charge for how much steamed oat milk is added / 03.00

Your server can help you if you are unsure what to order 

Black Tea Wild cultivar assam tea. Soft and delicate black tea made in Japanese ceramic stone filter / 03.00
Green Tea Chirin Shincha Japanese green sencha tea. Fresh and bright without any seaweed notes often found in green tea / 03.50
Herbal Tisane Canadian Elderflower or Thai Hibiscus / 03.00
Blue Tea Made from the flower petals of the butterfly pea plant in Thailand, blended with a bit of earl grey tea / 03.00
Blue Milk Our Blue Tea, made as a concentrate and steamed with oat milk / 04.50
Matcha Shot Kirishima matcha 1oz serving / 03.00
Matcha Latte Kirishima matcha with oat milk / 04.50
Hojicha Latte Peruvian black maca root & roasted green tea, whisked like matcha and steamed with oat milk.  / 04.50
Hot Chocolate Peruvian dark chocolate & oat milk / 04.00

Mocha Peruvian dark chocolate, Japanese style slow drip & oat milk / 04.70 

Add vegan marshmallows / $0.20


Children's menu available

We will make every effort to accommodate special requests when possible, may but suggest alternative options.

We use organic panela sugar when requested

Pourover Options

Spring Selection / Our most complex blend, it has a juicy body and a mouth watering finish. It makes us think of butter tarts, brown sugar and fresh figs. / 04.50
Summer Selection Intentionally made to remind you of summer, this coffee is meant to be light, bright and fruit forward.  / 04.00
Elvia Monzón and Alan Ochoa, Guatemala / This coffee was grown on a farm owned by Alan, but while he was away for business in the USA, his Mother Elvia took over operations on the farm. Elvia is a legend in her own right who has been growing coffee since she was 16 and has been a leader in promoting women in coffee in Guatemala. / 04.00
Ashok Patre, India, Natural Process / The coffee cherries are left in the sun to ferment, which developes more sugar and sweetness. / 04.50
Mercedes Quintero, Colombia / Like most Colombian coffees, this one is chocolate forward, but  because of a bit of fermentation that Mercedes does, you get a full bodied experience and a creaminess that makes us think of orange creamsicles. / 04.50

Quartercaf / We wanted to have an option that was very low in caffeine, but didn't taste like a decaf. This is 3/4 of a really nice sugar process decaf from Colombia, mixed with 1/4 of a normal Colombian coffee to give it nice sweetness and balance. / 04.00


Aeropress Options


Abakundakawa, Rwanda / This coffee comes from an all-female coffee cooperative in Rwanda and is organic and fair trade certified. We love it's juicy body, clarity and fresh floral notes. With the aeropress we are able to bring out lots of pomegranate and red delicious apple and a really juicy body. $1.00 from each cup will be donated to Wish Drop-In Center which helps women in the DTES. / 09.00
Arnaud Causse, Ecuador / This coffee is a Sidra varietal, which we consider to be one of the best quality species of coffees available, and it reminds us a lot of a Geisha/Gesha, just not as much jasmine. We pick up clean notes of black tea, but also rose and cherry blossom. / 09.00
Frank and Jose Gomez, Colombia, Natural Process  / This is a really exceptional coffee that we only offer on the Aeropress. It is a Geisha/Gesha varietal which is sought after for it's exceptionally high quality and clean, elegant taste. Being a natural process (the cherries are fermented before the fruit is removed), you got a complex variety of tropical fruit notes including a lovely pineapple sweetness.  $6.00 from each cup will be donated to local charities helping to fight anti-Asian hate crimes in Vancouver.  / 12.00
Frank and Jose Gomez, Colombia, Washed Process / From the same trees as the natural process, just having undergone a different processing method, this option shares some similarities but is also surprisingly different. It has a two stage "Reposado" fermentation for a shorter period of time to bring out some lovely sweetness, but it maintains the elegant black tea notes you would expect from a washed coffee. $6.00 from each cup will be donated to local charities helping to fight anti-Asian hate crimes in Vancouver.  / 12.00

Desserts and Baked Goods

Cookie Chocolate chip and pecan cookie with miso and sea salt / 03.00
Cookie Ginger molasses with candied ginger / 03.00 
Sausage Roll Made with plant based mince from TMRW Foods, baked in house with a fluffy pastry. / 06.00
Sweet Scone Fresh berries in a wholewheat style scone, topped with fairy dust (aka a bit of sugar). / 04.00