Do you roast all your beans in-house? All the coffee we serve in our shop and sell in our webstore are roasted in our Japantown, Vancouver location on our Diedrich IR-12. While in our shop, you can watch the beans being roasted through our glass viewing wall, and we often do free coffee tastings. Check our Instagram (@harkencoffee) for information on events, tastings and workshops. 
Is your shop entirely Vegan?  It absolutely is. 
Are you beans light, medium or dark roasted? 

We believe that there is much, much more to roasting than just how long you "leave it in the oven." All of our coffees are, as we like to say, perfectly roasted. We don't like to classify them as light, medium, dark etc as each coffee has a slightly different profile. They are roasted so that they have none of the unpleasant tastes you get from under or over roasted coffee, and each and every coffee is uniquely profiled to bring out the best flavours. We aim for complexity, sweetness, balance, brightness and try to highlight the coffees natural characteristics. 

That being said, we try to avoid the smokey, ashy or harsh flavours that are normally attributed to a dark roast, and none of our coffees will be roasted to that level. 

Why don't you do 12oz or 16oz cup sizes. 

We believe in quality over quantity. Most places outside of North America have only ever served coffee in smaller portions, and emphasize the experience of sitting in a coffee shop, drinking out of a nice glass or ceramic vessel, and fully enjoying the experience, and we aim to achieve that atmosphere as well. 

If you bring your own cup or mug (which we highly recommend for the sake of the planet), we are able to serve you the appropriate size. 

Where do you get your tea? 

We source our tea from our partner 05, who we feel are the best test suppliers in the city. Their selection and passion for excellence rivals our own approach to coffee. 

Why don't you charge 50c for extra shots of espresso. 

This is a complicated question, and comes down to how espresso preparation has changed and how costs are calculated. If you are curious about the specifics, shoot us an email and we will gladly break down our pricing structure for you. 

The bottom line is that, with the quality of the coffee we use, 50c doesn't even cover the cost of the coffee, let alone the labour involved. 

Do you sell gift cards?

We absolutely do. They can be purchased in store or online (please note online purchases will include a fee to cover postage), in any denomination over $20. We also sell gift cards that you can use for online purchases.  

Do you take reservations?

Our coffee bar is now unfortunately closed and we are operating as a roastery only.