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Harken Japanese Kitchen, Udon Noodle Bowl


In Store & On Delivery

Mon-Thu: 10am to 4pm (baked goods, snacks, beverages only)
Fri-Sat*: 11 to 5pm (full kitchen menu)

*Baked goods, snacks, beverages and whole bean coffee available starting at 10am.
Head Chef Tomoko Tahara uses local ingredients to thoughtfully prepare healthy, balanced, and comforting dishes. Chef Tahara uses traditional Japanese cooking methods, paired with continuous research, to craft a selection of authentic, minimalist vegan dishes.

The Harken Japanese Kitchen menu is available to order from the shop, online for pick-up, or through our delivery partners - Uber Eats and DoorDash. Please note, not all dishes are available through delivery providers.

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Toast sourdough with miso butter or house made preserve / 06.00


Breakfast Cereal puffed rice, vegan marshmallow, seasonal fruit, oat m*lk / 04.50





Harken Breakfast Inspired by the morning meal of Buddhist Monks, but incorporating modern flavours and methods. This dish includes: soup, rice and 5 x 50g sides / 15.00


TLT Sandwich The vegan BLT, tempeh bacon, lettuce, tomato, vegan mayo, japanese ketchup / 09.50


Seasonal Miso Soup Miso soup with chunky seasonal vegetables and mushrooms / 05.00


Udon Noodle Soup Savoury vegetable broth, udon noodles, puffed tofu, seasonal vegetables, green onion, Japanese spiced kimchi / 13.00


Teriyaki Jack Jackfruit teriyaki pulled pork sandwich with daikon slaw, farm greens & nori jam on house-made bun / 12.00


Donburi Bowl BBQ style cauliflower with sweet miso sauce, rice, nori, green onion, crispy seeds / 13.00


Japanese Curry Japanese sweet curry & koshihikari rice, puffed rice topping, lucky buddha pickles (daikon radish) / 13.00


add teriyaki jackfruit, a side miso soup, or side salad / 02.00
add house-made sriracha, yuzukosho or japanese ketchup / 00.50


Beverage Menu 

Coffee of the Day Hand brewed in batch size. 8oz serving / 02.50

Pourover Please see our menu board for daily offerings

Espresso This is the base price for espresso, equivalent to a double shot. We can make any drink you would normally order, and simply charge for how much steamed oat milk is added / 03.00

Your server can help you if you are unsure what to order 

Hot Chocolate Peruvian dark chocolate and oat milk / 04.00
Black Tea Wild cultivar assam tea / 03.00
Green Tea Chirin Shincha Japanese green tea / 03.50
Herbal Tisane Canadian Elderflower or Thai Hibiscus / 03.00
Blue Tea Butterfly-pea flower petals and earl grey tea / 03.00
Blue Milk Our Blue Tea with oat milk. Hot or iced / 04.50
Matcha Shot Kirishima matcha 1oz serving / 03.00
Matcha Latte Matcha with oat milk / 04.50
Hojicha Latte Peruvian black maca root & roasted green tea / 04.50
Hot Chocolate Peruvian dark chocolate & oat milk / 04.00
Mocha Peruvian dark chocolate, espresso & oat milk / 04.70


Pourover Options

Banko Gotiti Gedeb, Ethiopia / Very delicate and tea-like with lots of sweetness that reminds us of watermelon, guava, lychee and tropical fruits / 04.50
Alejo Castro Special Selection Vulcan Azul, Costa Rica / A fermented, natural process coffee that is full of jammy fruit notes that make us think of dark cherry and chocolate covered strawberries, it also has a surprisingly refreshing mouthfeel and finish / 05.00



Children's menu available

We will make every effort to accommodate special requests when possible, may but suggest alternative options.

We use organic panela sugar when requested

Desserts and Baked Goods

Banana Loaf Chocolate chip and fennel banana loaf / 3.50

Add coconut cream for 00.20


Ginger Molasses Cookie Gingersnap style cookie infused with decaf espresso / 02.25




Pecan Cookie Classic style cookie with vegan marshmallow and pecans / 03.25




Mochi Brownie Matcha, Chocolate, or Black Sesame & Coconut / 02.50


Trifle Banana bread, cookie bits, chantilly coconut cream & jam / 06.00


Swett Bun Insipred by Japanese Anpan buns, they are soft and fluffy with a sweet filling. Matcha with Chocolate Mouse or Black Sesame with Earl Grey Blue Coconut Cream / 03.50