50% Guatemala, Elvia Monzon & Alan Ochoa, Washed

30% Ashok Patre, India, Black Honey Process

20% Blend of Ethiopia Washed Process (Raro Lot 3 and Gute Sudo)  

One of our four core coffee selections, this is a blend of outstanding coffees from around the world, carefully roasted and blended to create complexity, balanced flavour and mouthfeel, and to evoke a particular feeling. 

With our Spring Selection, you should experience a bright, floral coffee with a silky body. It reminds us of lavender, melon, hibiscus and marzipan with a lovely peach sweetness. Perfect for a Nordic style filter coffee, and as a more adventurous espresso. 



A note on roast dates: 

Contrary to most coffee myths (based off old information), it's best not to use coffee that is too fresh. For espresso, we recommend using coffee between three days to four weeks old, while filter and drip coffee it's best if the beans are three weeks to twelve weeks from the date of roasting.

If you would like your coffee already rested, please let us know in the comment section of your order and we will do our best to fulfill your order with rested coffee, if we have it available. Please note that based on fluctuating order amounts, we won't always have rested coffee available at the time you order, and you are welcome to reach out to us to check on our inventory levels for rested coffee before ordering.