Single Origin - Luz Dary, Colombia


Part of our Wish Fountation Series, which is a project created by our Head Roaster to recognize and help deal with inequalities that women face at both ends of our supply chain. 

Women are under-represented in important roles of coffee growing and it's not common to find coffee farm owners who are women; they tend to be the ones processing the coffee, but not profiting from it. 

We are also located in an area with rampant housing inequality that also disproportionately affects women.  

The Wish Foundaiton Series is one where we will highlight amazing women who are growing coffee, or from all female cooperatives, while also raising money to help in the DTES. 

$1.00 from the purchase of each box is donated to the Wish Drop-In Center who do a great deal of work to help women, especially those in the sex industry who are very vulnerable and don't often have access to the services they need. 

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Single Origin - Luz Dary, Colombia
Single Origin - Luz Dary, Colombia