Meet our Founder, Eldric Stuart

Harken Coffee Found Eldric Stuart Pictured at Aubade Coffee

Eldric Stuart's coffee journey began during a four year exploration of the world, while he was living in Melbourne and became inspired by the coffee culture of the city - recognized to be the best in the world.

Upon returning to Vancouver, he set about getting his own shop going, with the goal of introducing the city to a new concept of coffee service with an emphasis on attention to detail, customer service, and coffee that is an experience - not just a commodity.

His first space, Aubade Coffee, was a four seat brew bar located inside a vintage store in Vancouver's historic Chinatown neighbourhood. Aubade focused on hand made coffee from the best roasters around the world. Although small in size, it garnered a lot of recognition in the coffee community - including awards for best coffee shop in the city, making lists of the best coffee shops in Canada, and was included in Lonely Planet's book: Global Coffee Tour.  Eldric closed Aubade in 2019 to focus on his new, larger venture, Harken Coffee. The new space allows Eldric the opportunity to better express his concept of providing an amazing coffee and food experience, while also roasting beans in house, and connecting directly with the coffee community. 

"Our concept was to take the ideas and structures that already exist in coffee shops but to bring an element of refined elegance, thoughtful design and engaging experience that is often absent in most North American coffee shops."
With Harken Coffee, Eldric is not aiming to recreate the wheel - but instead taking the concept of what a coffee shop is in North America in a slightly different direction. With each day, Eldric stays focused on his goal of elevating the coffee experience to honour the skill required - from farmer to barista - to craft a great cup of coffee. 

Harken Coffee Roasting Company is located in the Japantown district of Railtown, in downtown Vancouver. Harken Coffee strives to roast for clarity, texture, and character with ethically sourced, carefully selected beans. Roasted beans are available to order through our online store, and we look forward to mindfully opening our space, soon, for customers to enjoy our pour-over coffee and vegan food selection. Follow Harken Coffee on Instagram for the latest news and releases.